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WE FOCUS ON content, rather than the form

At JLP, we are passionate about creating meaningful content. We are inspired by the desire to help our clients form meaningful relationships with their clients, their employees, and their interest groups, as well as with society. As such, we will continue to strive every day to create honest content, not just well-written copy.


Our team is not made up by individual consultants. We work as a team. We believe, that management and communications go hand in hand.

Our team is inspired by strategic thinking, seeing the bigger picture and versatile experience.


Miltton JLP OÜ
Niine 11, Tallinn 10414
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JLP team

Carl-Ruuben Soolep    Consultant
Kerttu-Liisa Kopliste    Communications Assistant

Kerttu-Liisa Kopliste

Communications Assistant

Marek Unt    Partner

Marek Unt


Olga Korneitšik    Consultant
Kristi Liiva    Founder & Partner

Kristi Liiva

Founder & Partner

Otto Oliver Olgo    Consultant
Karita Sall    CEO & Partner

Karita Sall

CEO & Partner

Kristi Malmberg    Strategist & Consultant

Kristi Malmberg

Strategist & Consultant

Martin Rits    Partner
Kaspar Jõgeva    Consultant

Kaspar Jõgeva


Maie-Liisa Sildnik    Consultant
Nänsi Männik    Consultant

Nänsi Männik


What do we offer?


In order to manage change, there must be a clear goal, analysed risk, then well-executed implementation. No major change happens overnight, so continuity is one of the cornerstones of communication. We select key stakeholders to help bring about change and manage all affected parties throughout the process.

MARKETING communication

Marketing communication focuses on engaging the target audience of a product, service, or event with the aim of influencing and leading your business in a positive direction. In most cases, this means a combination of solutions that create a constant dialogue with the target audience. We use both advertising and other tactical communication opportunities to increase the impact of your message and increase attention.

investor relations

Professionally planned investor relationships give your company a clear advantage over your competitors. As a rule, our goal is to create value for those who, either directly or indirectly, bring capital to your business, while also focusing on building relationships with financial institutions and the (financial) media.


Unfortunately, crisis communication consultation is needed unexpectedly when a difficult situation endangers your company’s good reputation. Rapid, accurate and consistent communication is key to coping in any crisis situation. We’ll help you think through your crisis plan, prevent further complications through good communication, and overcome the difficult situation.

internal communication

Interconnection creates a sense of cohesiveness between a company and its employees. There must be a common understanding of who, what, where, when, and why work is done on a daily basis, and what are the values that push everyone towards a common goal. Internal communication is necessary to reinforce an environment in which every employee knows and feels that they are an important and valuable part of the organisation.

studies & audits

Studies allow you to understand what different groups of people expect from your organization and how to respond to these expectations. Studies are not a means of communication on their own, but a tool to help create more precise content and placed where it's really needed, be it an overview of the current situation, an opinion, mapping a need, an assessment of an outcome or understanding patterns.

Media relations

Media relations include media analyses, press events, monitoring, presentation of a topic, ghostwriting, speech writing, press release and distribution. Media relations are, in general, reactive and proactive - the former is launched by the organization itself, and the latter is triggered by third-party media relations.

social media

Social media and its platforms allow companies and organizations independance to create their content, share it with a wide range of users, and deliver their product. In order for the objectives of the various channels to be clear, priority and structure must be in place, strategic management, as well as the content management, and finally the social media channel(s) must be addressed.

communication channels’ development

The development of a communication network means the planning and design of the channels and their content for an organization's internal and external communication in accordance with their objectives and needs. We create the strategy, message, and then find the best way to get it out to a wider audience.