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If something needs to be expressed in numbers or numbers put into words, then Ruuben is the person to turn to. Although his background is in economics, he also holds a master's degree in Communication Management from the University of Tartu. 

Ruuben has two roles at JLP. In addition to consulting and leading communication projects, he also manages and helps out with the company's finances. Ruuben's sharp analytical mind and knowledge of various research and analysis methods go hand-in-hand with communication.

Since 2016, Ruuben has led the communications and marketing side of “Ajujaht”, Estonia’s largest startup competition. He led the press centre for the 2017 XII Youth Song and Dance Festival. Currently, preparatory work for the 2019 Song and Dance Festival is also underway. Two years ago, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Estonian Cell pulp mill, he contributed to the organization of the industry forum "Starts and Stops of Estonian Industry".

On a daily basis, Ruuben consults for ERGO Insurance and EY, a business consultancy and auditing company.