The Estonian National Song and Dance Festival took place between 4th and 6th July, 2014 , where several members of JLP agency helped with the communication of the event.

At a large event it is important that all essential organizational information reaches every participant and spectator. This is why the communication team had a big role in the success of the event.

We published the Song Festival’s newsletters during and a week before the event, which reached thousands of readers. Before the event the newsletter was published once a week, during the week of the event we did it every day. We created content for the newsletter, interviewing the people responsible for the festival’s organization. The participants of the event got practical information as well as coverage of the training grounds from the daily newsletter.


During the week of the event, organizing the press centre’s work was also the communication team’s responsibility. We organized two press conferences and countless press briefings in which all of the biggest Estonian and Russian-language publications participated. ERR, who broadcasted live coverage from the event and the march, had nearly 200 people from the news editorial and technical staff were covering the Song Festival. In addition we were responsible so that all 450 Estonian and 120 foreign journalists got accredited and their special wishes fulfilled. We took care that different camera teams from Estonia and elsewhere get the best shots from the event and its organizers.

The Song and Dance Festival of 2014 got a huge amount of positive press coverage. On the weeks before and after the event, it was covered just in the Estonian-language media over 500 times. In the Estonian Russian-language media the festival got its all-time record coverage: the Song and Dance Festival was covered in almost 200 articles. The communication team’s materials were often used in the coverage.

In other foreign media the festival was covered nearly 20 times (including New York Times, BBC, Helsinkin Sanomat, The Wall Street Journal).

On the month before and also during the party we created content for the event’s Facebook page. Over 1,5 months the Facebook following of the festival increased by 46% (more than 13 000 followers in July 2014), which was, by the way, only organic growth. During the festival week we posted 5-6 messages on the page every day. On the most popular day, July 5th, the posts reached ca 80 000 people. The people’s activity was also huge - on the same day our posts reached 9300 likes and 727 shares.

The event was visited by more than 100 000 people.