JLP wrapped up the first research about Estonian blogs

JLP communication agency, led by the company's consultant and research expert Birgit Rootsi, finished up the first research about the Estonian blogging world, which was based on the international network of communication agencies IPREX's blog barometer pan-European survey.

Both fashion and food bloggers were included in the survey, altogether from 11 different fields. From the answers of 198 bloggers a lot of interesting things were revealed - for example, the average age of Estonian bloggers was 29 (European average 37). Most of Estonian bloggers (82%) are women. Only 38% of bloggers have gotten cooperation proposals from companies or organizations. 

For more information about the Blog barometer results, contact the JLP team.

JLP participated in organizing the Estonian National Song and Dance Festival

The last few weeks were different than usual for the JLP team. Over half of the team moved to Oru hotel, the press center of the Song and Dance Festival.

Karita Sall, Martin Rits, Sandra Tsernant, Olga Korneitšik and this summer’s interns Nänsi Männik, Hannus Luure, Liina Kalamees, Inge-Riin Õun and Kaija Pook helped out Sten Weisebaum, the information director of XXVI Song and XIX Dance Festival “Aja Puudutus. Puudutuse aeg”.

Preparations of the recent Song and Dance Festival began a long time ago, but last week was the busiest for JLP’s members who joined the media team of the festival. For the last week our team worked from sunrise till sunset at Oru hotel’s press centre and the Song Festival grounds. We helped create newsletters, press release texts, organize press conferences, register and distribute accreditation to journalists, explain and show where and how to move and get to places. We also worked hard on the Song Festival’s home page, where we added the Song Festival gazette, newsletter and operational information. Altogether over 500 journalists were accredited to the festival, almost 130 of them from other countries.

We offered different coverage opportunities and ideas to the media and we made the necessary agreements with the necessary spokespeople. We also monitored Estonian and Russian-language media and posted the most interesting news on Facebook, increasing the amount of fans during the festival week by nearly 800%.

JLP’s team is very happy to have been of help at such an important event for Estonians. We find that word about the festival spread well and thanks to that a record amount of people found a way to the Song Festival grounds and Kalev stadium.

In addition, the media team had a handful of volunteers, to whom we owe a huge "thank you"!