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skype: maie.liisa

Maie-Liisa joined JLP's team in the beginning of 2017. Before staring with us, she worked in a media planning agency Mindshare, where she gained experience as a TV planner, digital media project manager as well as a strategist. Thanks to his diverse experience in an agency she feels at home everything regarding marketing strategies, target groups and the impact of different mediums.

Maie-Liisa has said about herself that she enjoys striving for perfection - even though it’s not the goal by itself - as an evolving process, wheter it’s by dancing flamenco, exploring the world underwater or learning new things for work. However, sometimes the simplest things like silence, a cup of freshly brewed coffee or the surrounding people are the sources of inspiration, that bring out all the best ideas. Voluntary work is an important aspect of Maie-Liisa's life as well - she contributes as a volunteer to Estonian charity foundation Minu Unistuste Päev and she is an active blood donor as well.

Toolbox: social media, media planning, marketing communications, product communications